Finding new clients to grow your business

What We Do

We address one of the biggest problems with a business’ growth – New Business (Or LACK of it)

To be more specific, it is the QUALITY of prospects and opportunities that your sales team face everyday. To Spray & Pray with unqualified leads is a waste of your money and talent which is better utilised to close deals not chase ghosts.

We support you with customers looking for (and ready to buy) what you sell.


We understand that some leaders don’t like or trust sales people….we forgive them! Humans have been trained since birth to distrust sales people – some even believe that it’s okay to lie to them and disappear from time to time! and we’ve heard countless tales of underperformance and letdowns.

We have spent years in sales and marketing roles and understand the dynamics driving different departments within the same organisation and those between buyers and sellers.

Our approach combines the “best bits” from what we have learned over the years that we have succeeded with and created a service that includes:

Lead Generation & Qualification Campaigns – BDP Insight – Behavioural Analysis of Prospect Buying Intention – identifying companies looking for the services that YOU provide / LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter

Tele-sales / Tele-Marketing – cold-calling / qualifying / prospecting 

Face-to-Face sales / networking / meetings / exhibitions / referrals / prospecting

Content Creation – White-papers / Infographics / Case Studies / Videos / Blogs / Vlogs