Testimonial – Global Expatriate Tax Services

Testimonial – BDP

How did GETS get 10x ROI in 8 weeks, and go from 4-22 leads per week in 48 hours? Find out…

I wish to share the great service I have received the BDP team.

The precise work that BDP have provided me with is:

  • Targeting specific customers through Facebook, based on their age, location and their need for a state pension boost.
  • Designing a marketing message and customer friendly user portal.
  • Normally, I receive 3 – 4 enquiries per week and that is plenty to keep our business afloat.
  • Once launched, our BDP marketing campaign, we received 22 enquiries in the first 48 hours, which has continued; so many enquiries that we cannot keep up them all! This is exactly the sort of lead generation we were hoping for, and I am really very pleased.

Many thanks

Oliver Heslop
Managing Director, GETS

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