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The Death of the Excuse Driven Sales Team

Are you stuck in a cycle of excuses or trapped in a blame game with your marketing department?

Excuses do not justify or excuse a lack of results. This negative cycle explains a lack of results.

There are three main pain points for salespeople. These become points from which excuses are derived:

  • Problems with the Prospect
  • Problems with the current climate
  • Problems with the process

“Problems with the Prospect”

It becomes easy to blame the prospect when leads don’t seem to go anywhere. However, you must remember outbound is intruding on a prospect’s day. By changing your outlook and positioning yourself as an expert, your prospects reaction will change. Allow them to receive your advice rather than telling them to buy your product! This section explores the following excuses…

  • The prospect is not a decision maker
  • The prospect is not ready to buy
  • The prospect cant afford our product 
  • The prospect doesn’t need us 
  • The prospect isn’t getting back to me

The Prospect is not a Decision Maker

Establish which roles have the power to buy what you are selling and aim to target decision makers. A targeted streamlined outbound will automatically increase your success rate and reduce your sales cycle.This excuse can easily be overturned by establishing trends personal to your company. Start by asking yourself the following questions…

      • Who have you sold to?
      • Who has made the decision to buy?
      • How does decision making roles change as company size changes?
      • What do you say when you’ve got the wrong person?
      • How do you encourage the prospect to direct you to the relevant person?
  • Target your outbound
    Think about the time your prospect will have to digest your information. Think about how your information is presented.
      • Facts and figures
      • Video
      • Plain text Copy
  • Track your progress!
    How do decision makers/your target job titles respond to different types of outbound? Keeping track can help you make valuable changes and develop your outbound marketing strategy.
The Prospect is not Ready to Buy….. coming soon


Do these excuses sound familiar?

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